The Lamp Workshop, Chandelier and Lamp Restoration


Welcome to The Lamp Workshop we are based in Hooe East Sussex, but can and do travel throughout the UK. We're not a huge company, this means that the dedication from the founding members can be felt directly through the work and craftsmanship of our staff.

We have built up a strong working relationship with many of the country’s most sought-after interior designers, many of whom have commissioned us to design and create bespoke one-off pieces for specific projects.

Our attention to detail is unmatched, right down to the range of cable colour choices that we offer, and the range of finishes and styles that we can provide for fixtures and fittings.

We are one of the few British company's that specialises in turning vintage and antique objects, contemporary designs and sculptural art into beautiful, functional illuminated lamps, and we can wire any of our pieces to suit the plug design and voltage requirements of any country in the world.

Thanks to the skills of the craftsmen within our small professional team, we are also able to work with virtually any material that you could imagine, including wood, brass and other metals, ceramics and much more, as well as offering a range of bespoke and hard-to-find specialist services such as gold leafing.

The Lamp Workshop is a true labour of love for all involved and we take pride in every project that we undertake. This shines thorough not only in terms of our attention to detail and the quality of our finished pieces, but also in our approach to customer service too.

Our small team of skilled specialist craftsmen share a wealth of experience and knowledge and can offer informed, insightful advice if requested in areas such as the type of designs that will compliment your own setting, lighting requirements and challenges, and anything else that you might wish to know.

It is extremely unusual for us to come across a question or query that someone in our team does not know the answer to. On the rare occasion that this might happen, we will know where to ask or be able to find out for you!

If you are seeking to restore a vintage piece, or commission a new lighting project, we’ll always be delighted to hear from you.

We have no set working hours, and operate to your schedule.

Thank you for visiting.